When shopping for a Sharara suit, it is essential to understand the significance of body shapes and how they can help you choose the perfect outfit that flatters your figure. This is especially important when it comes to Sharara suits, as they are designed to accentuate and enhance your natural curves. By identifying your body shape, you can make informed choices that will not only make you look fabulous but also boost your confidence. In this section, we will explore the different body shapes and provide tips on how to choose a Sharara suit that suits your unique figure. So, whether you have an hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle shape, stay tuned for expert advice on finding the perfect Sharara suit that will make you feel like the fashion icon you are. Let’s dive in!

What is a Sharara Suit?

A Sharara suit is a traditional attire that holds significant cultural value in both Pakistani and Indian fashion. This dress consists of three pieces – a kurti or top, a flowing bottom with pleats resembling a skirt, and a dupatta or scarf to complete the ensemble.

Sharara suits come in various styles and variations, making them a versatile choice for different occasions. They can be found in different lengths, ranging from knee-length to floor-length, and in various fabrics such as silk, chiffon, georgette, and cotton. The designs of Sharara suits also vary, with options like the jacket style, heavily embroidered suits, and minimalistic designs.

This type of outfit is a favorite choice among women for celebratory occasions like weddings, festive seasons, and formal events. It is considered a fashion statement and a style icon. The intricate embroidery and use of luxurious fabrics make Sharara suits exquisite pieces of clothing that are sure to turn heads.

Body Shape Considerations When Buying a Sharara Suit

When it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, considering your body shape is essential. The same goes for buying a Sharara suit. This ethnic wear has become a favorite among Indian and Pakistani women, but finding the right style that complements your body type can make all the difference. Whether you have an hourglass figure, pear-shaped body, apple-shaped body, or any other body type, there are Sharara suits available that can enhance your natural curves and flatter your figure.

For those with a curvier frame, opt for Sharara dresses with a flowing silhouette and minimalistic design to create an illusion of length and balance. Ladies with a more petite figure can choose shorter Sharara suits that give the illusion of height. Sharara Kurtis is also a great choice for a more formal and structured look. Remember to try on different styles and experiment with different cuts and lengths to find the perfect Sharara suit that makes you feel confident and beautiful on any occasion.

Different Types of Body Shapes and How to Choose the Right Type of Sharara Suit for Your Shape

When it comes to buying a sharara suit, it is important to consider your body shape in order to find the perfect fit. There are different types of body shapes, and each shape has its own set of considerations when it comes to choosing the right type of sharara suit.

For those with an hourglass figure, the goal is to accentuate your curves. Opt for a fitted sharara suit that cinches at the waist to highlight this feature. Avoid overly loose or baggy styles that may hide your shape.

For apple-shaped bodies, focus on creating a balanced silhouette. Choose sharara suits with a fitted bodice and a flared bottom to create the illusion of a defined waist. A high neckline can also help draw attention upwards.

If you have a pear-shaped body, aim to balance out your lower body. Go for sharara suits with a slightly flared or A-line silhouette. Choose darker colours or prints on the bottom half and lighter colours or embellishments on the top to draw attention upwards.

Petite women can enhance their height by opting for shorter lengths and avoiding overly voluminous sharara bottoms. Stick to smaller prints and minimalistic designs to avoid overwhelming your frame.

Plus-size women should choose sharara suits with a flattering fit. Look for styles with a comfortable and flowing silhouette that drapes effortlessly. Avoid heavy embellishments and opt for solid colours or smaller prints to create a streamlined look.

Tips for Petite Women When Buying a Sharara Suit

When it comes to shopping for a sharara suit, petite women have a unique set of considerations. Here are some insightful tips to help petite women choose the perfect sharara suit that flatters their body type.

Firstly, focus on the right style. Opt for a shorter length sharara suit that doesn’t overwhelm your frame. Ankle-grazing or mid-length bottoms can create the illusion of longer legs. Avoid excessively flared or voluminous bottoms as they can make you appear shorter.

Secondly, choose the right fabric. Light and flowy fabrics like chiffon or georgette are ideal for petite women. These fabrics drape elegantly and create a streamlined look. Heavy and stiff fabrics can make you appear shorter and broader, so it’s best to avoid them.

Lastly, consider the patterns and prints. Stick to smaller prints or minimalistic designs that won’t overpower your petite frame. Avoid large and bold patterns that can make you appear smaller. Additionally, vertical stripes or patterns can create the illusion of height, so they are a great choice for petite women.

Tips for Plus-Size Women When Buying a Sharara Suit

When it comes to shopping for a sharara suit, plus-size women have their own set of considerations. Here are some key tips to keep in mind to help you find the perfect outfit that flatters your body shape and boosts your confidence.

Firstly, choose the right fabric and design. Look for fabrics that are lightweight and flowy. Materials like georgette or chiffon can drape beautifully over your curves, creating a flattering silhouette. A sharara suit with an A-line or flared bottom can help balance out your proportions and create a more even look.

Secondly, pay attention to colour and pattern. Darker shades tend to have a slimming effect, so opt for darker hues like navy, black, or deep jewel tones. You can also experiment with vertical stripes or smaller prints, which can create a lengthening effect. Avoid large and bold patterns that may overwhelm your frame.

Incorporating accessories can also make a difference. A statement belt or waist cincher can help accentuate your waistline and create a more defined shape. Pair your sharara suit with the right jewelry and footwear to elevate your overall look.

Lastly, ensure a proper fitting. A well-fitted sharara suit can make all the difference for plus-size women. Pay attention to the length of the sharara bottoms, ensuring they fall gracefully at your ankles or mid-calf. Alterations may be needed to achieve the perfect fit, so consider consulting with a tailour to make any necessary adjustments.

Colour Considerations When Buying aSharara Suit

When buying a sharara suit, it is important to consider the colour of the outfit. The colour you choose can greatly impact the overall look and appropriateness for different events.

For more formal or celebratory occasions such as a wedding or a traditional event, vibrant colours like pink, red, or yellow are popular choices. These colours not only signify festivity but also add a touch of glamour to your ensemble. Vibrant colours can make you stand out and make a fashion statement.

On the other hand, for daytime events or workplace occasions, it is advised to opt for more neutral colors. Shades like beige, cream, white, blush pink, and sky blue can lend an elegant and sophisticated touch to your outfit. These colours are also versatile and can be easily accessorised with bold jewelry or statement footwear.

When considering the colour of your sharara suit, it is important to keep in mind the context of the event and your personal preferences. Ultimately, the colour you choose should make you feel confident and complement your skin tone. In addition to the mentioned colours, shades of green can also be an excellent choice for a variety of occasions.


In conclusion, it is evident that Sharara suits hold a significant place in Pakistani fashion. Their ability to seamlessly fuse traditional aesthetics with contemporary design elements makes them the perfect choice for special occasions and celebratory events. Understanding the history, design, and buying guide of Sharara suits is essential in making an informed decision. From their intricate embroidery to their luxurious fabrics, these beautiful pieces of clothing have become a style statement among modern women.

By considering factors such as colour, body shape, and personal style, one can easily find the perfect Sharara suit to accentuate their beauty and fashion senses. Whether it’s a wedding, a festival, or any other formal event, a well-chosen Sharara suit is sure to make you the center of attention. With an exquisite collection available online and excellent customer service, finding your dream Sharara suit has never been easier. So embrace the charm of Pakistani fashion and make a fashion statement with a stunning Sharara suit.